Jhod Kavken


Cleric of Erastil 7, Al LG,

str 10
dex 8
con 13
int 12
wis 19
cha 14


Jhod had been all but excommunicated from the priesthood after he helped form a lynch mob against a traveler his home village thought was a werewolf responsible for several recent killings. Only a few hours after they lynched the man, the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed to be nothing more sinister than a particularly wily worg. An investigation by the church of Erastil followed, and they found Jhod’s involvement in the village’s overly aggressive pursuit of the traveler’s lynching to be actionable. Only the fact that the traveler happened to be a bandit spy sent to town to look the place over (a fact that Jhod discovered only after the man was executed and his belongings were searched) kept the church from fully excommunicating the priest— and even then, only if he accepted exile.

And so Jhod traveled from his home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From there, his wanderings eventually brought him east into Brevoy, where he had a particularly vivid dream about an overgrown temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. Upon waking from the dream, Jhod felt an irresistible tug to the south, and realized that Erastil had given him a chance to redeem himself. The tugging led Jhod to Oleg’s Trading Post, but there it stopped—and soon after he learned about the PCs and their charter from Svetlana

Джод при помощи РС смог очистить древний храм Эрастила от зла и вернул свой статус священника. Его деяния по восстановлению храма и принятие сана Митрополита Лесовии снискали ему великую славу среди паствы и клира Эрастила.

Jhod Kavken

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